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What is sapiosexual?


“Sapiosexual isn’t just a buzzy word popping up on people’s OkCupid profiles”

If the term sapiosexual had been around when ross was in college there’s no doubt in my mind hed identify as sapiohet and he’d write an essay about his struggles as a sapiosexual and his rejection from “both the straight and lgbtqia+ communities”

Aquarius at its best. Venus in Aquarius is a definition of sapiosexual.

Imagine looking up the definition of sapiosexuality & crying because your entire life finally makes sense. imagine that___ edit: this post was sarcasm if you reblog this seriously you’re a fuckin nerd and have cooties

What do you think of sapiosexuals, do you think sapiosexuality is real or counts as a sexuality

Reading is Sexy

Um hell fucking yes!!! I’m definitely a sapiosexual. I couldn’t ever get turned on by someone who isn’t intelligent. I don’t care how gorgeous they are, I wouldn’t be able to get turned on if they aren’t intelligent. So yes, it is definitely a valid sexuality. And yes, it definitely exists.
– Nicole

hamlet definitely identified as sapiosexual for 0.2 seconds one day “because intelligence turns me on, not bodies” and ophelia gave him a very angry piece of her mind and horatio (who is basically a saint) sat him down and patiently explained why that’s shitty and hamlet, who is out of his depth but would insist the sky was striped if horatio said it was important, spends a day or two floundering before realizing he’s demisexual

Sapiosexuality Definition: A sexual attraction to intelligence

Translation: a sexual attraction to cishet people of a different gender who think The Big Bang Theory is top quality television.

it’s ableist and allows for cishet folks to feel part of the LGBTQIAP+ community when they’re not.

-Mod Virgil

i am so attracted to intelligence

when will human beings evolve enough as a species to comprehend the fact that disabled people saying “sapiosexuality is ableist” isn’t saying “disabled people aren’t smart” and nonwhite people saying “sapiosexuality is racist” isn’t saying “nonwhite people aren’t smart”

do you have any idea how many times i, a mentally disabled arab, have been called a racist ableist (by non disabled white folk) for saying that sapiosexuality is harmful to people of color and disabled people… i was literally featured on tumblrinaction not long back because I supposedly “said all nonwhite people are dumb XDD” when i said sapiosexuality is racist.

like can you assholes seriously not grasp the fact that a nonwhite disabled person saying ”the concept of only being attracted to ‘intelligence’ hurts nonwhite people and disabled people” isn’t me calling myself stupid. holy shit.

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